Heritage and design
Mette Ravn Innovative Contemporary Jewelry is crafted to the higest standard. The majority of jewelry is made from the finest China Clay and ceramic glazes, often combined with Fine Silver.

All Mette Ravn Innovative Contemporary Jewelry is designed and hand made by Mette Ravn in Denmark, in her workshop in Kolding and hallmarked by FORCE Technology Denmark to authenticate the purity of the precious metals. Hand crafted with love and effection for the balance between the refined and the manmade raw process, so that each jewellery has it´s own personal and unique expression, for you to enjoy.

At Mette Ravn Innovative Contemporary Jewelry we offer a premier level of service. By appointment you are welcome to visit the workshhop in Kolding for personal assistance, or to contact us by telephone, online or via email. At Mette Ravn Innovative Contemporary Jewelry we take pride to ensure that your choice, whether a special gift, a one off piece or a glamourous ring will reflect your unique personality and mark any occasion.

Care instructions
All jewelry should be treated with care. To maintain the beauty of our jewelry we advise you to remove it when bathing, exercising or sleeping - and when working hard, like houseworking or gardening. jewelry is not indestructible. Store in acid free tissue paper and clean precious metals with an impregnated jewellery cloth. Beads should never be immersed in jewellery cleaner. Ceramic pieces (with no precious metal) can be washed with plain soap and water. Wear with pleasure!

In the unlikely event that your jewelry needs reparring, repairs are charged at costs only.

Diamonds - Ceramic Glazes
All China clay and Ceramic Glazed Jewelry like the Extraordinary Ring and and the Clay Rocks Ring are made from fragile organic materials and should be treated like diamond jewelry! Avoid wearring when working hard with your hands - like housework, gardening or like driving a car. Avoid dropping on the floor! Avoid knocks! These fragile pieces should be worn with the same attension as a special diamond jewelry requiers ! - Have a jewelry Day!

Sizing and Special Request
All sizes quoted are DK/UK/USA sizes, please see “Size Cart”.One Off pieces only excists in the size shown and cannot be altered to another size. Special orders requires 12 weeks to complete and are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

If you require a chain length that is not specified please call us.